MUN World India

Knowledge Partner

MUN World India is a unique educational enterprise that helps students participate and develop the correct approach towards Model United Nations conferences and other public speaking events. The organization looks at Model UN conferences as an opportunity to develop essential skill sets that help students thrive in the long run. Some of these skills include collaborative problem solving, opinion development, public speaking, lobbying, negotiation etc. As a result, MUN World India’s educational programmes and training sessions are comprehensively designed to ensure that participants not only receive full fledged MUN training and orientation, but also experience practical and experientially oriented skill development.

Based out of Mumbai, MUN World India’s programmes and workshops such as Enlighten MUN and other initiatives, have been conducted for over 40000 students in over 100 institutions across India including IIT-Bombay, IIM-Calcutta, VIBGYOR chain of institutions (pan India), Welham Boys School (Dehradun), Pathways World School (Aravali), Shishukunj International School (Indore), among several others.

The organization was founded in 2013 by Anansh Prasad, an Ivy League graduate from Cornell University (USA), and a gold medallist Chemical Engineer from Mumbai University. He is one of India’s most experienced debaters and MUNers having participated, chaired, and organized many prestigious conferences over the past 12 years. Along with his team of 20 highly experienced MUN and skill set development trainers, MUN World India is changing the perspective with which MUNs are approached across India.

MUN World India also provides various online resources such as the Global Jigyasa resource base, an MUN Event Listings portal and E-Training videos for MUN training, research and holistic skill-set development. It is a subsidiary of SkillSphere Education, a pan India skill set development and knowledge enhancement enterprise.

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MUN World India’s Objective

MUN World India has a simple 4-point objective:

  • Helping individuals develop essential soft skills such as public speaking, debating, collaborative problem solving, conflict resolution among others
  • Enhancing general knowledge and global awareness
  • Promoting proactive participation in intellectually driven events like MUNs, while also conceptualizing and propagating similar innovative concepts
  • Providing a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and grow together

The organization works towards fulfilling these objectives in numerous ways, including its educational programmes, workshops, training sessions, online training and knowledge resources, event listings portals etc.

Associating with Shishukunj MUN 2018 is another step in this direction.