Host School

The Shishukunj International School, Indore

The Shishukunj International School is a co-educational English medium senior secondary school which has been operational from the academic session 2005-06. It is an affiliate of The Shishukunj International Society, London. At Shishukunj, learning takes place in a holistic, nurturing, and secure environment. From a modest beginning with a handful of students in 2005 and a lot of faith in the mission ‘Let Every Bud Bloom’, we have progressed slowly but surely, to a school which now has over 200 committed faculty advisors and more than 3000 students.

The Shishukunj Philosophy

“There is a genius in everybody-only some of them are less spoilt.” This line provides an insight into the line of thought adopted at The Shishukunj International School. In its mission statement, ‘Let Every Bud Bloom’, the word ‘let’ assumes great significance for it is the core of the Shishukunj philosophy. Shishukunj strongly believes that every child possesses a wealth of potential. All that Shishukunj does is facilitate its emergence in the most beautiful and natural way.

A Different School of Thought

The Shishukunj International School, Indore, is not just another school; It is a school with a difference. The difference is in its vision and action. The school believes in a harmonious blend of the head, heart and hands. The Shishukunj methodology is unique and stands out on the strength of its core beliefs, values and approach. It aims at making the children forward looking, enriching them with social skills, critical thinking and the ability to apply knowledge. Each and every action here is based on this conviction. The management is committed to creating an educational environment where the effective blend of time tested. Its contemporary methods help reinforce the student’s linguistic, logical, mathematical, kinesthetic, naturalist, spatial, inter and intra personal skills along with regular academics.