Shishukunj Model United Nations

Over the last 4 years, the Shishukunj Model United Nations, hosted by the Shishukunj International School, Indore, has grown to be a prominent platform for constructive discussion of global issues for the youth across the country. The Shishukunj Model United Nation was created with an intention to encourage a widespread understanding of the United Nations and contemporary global issues and to help delegates develop an appreciation for divergent opinions, broaden worldview and see the rewards of cooperation and negotiation.

UN4MUN Procedures

A signature feature of the Shishukunj MUN series has been its UN4MUN procedures. The UN4MUN procedures have been prescribed by the United Nations Department of Public Information as the most accurate procedures for a model UN conference. Shishukunj MUN is a proud patron of these procedures as they provide a realistic simulation and are specifically designed to ensure collaboration and negotiation. In addition, to get the delegates well acquainted with the UN4MUN procedures, Shishukunj will also be organizing training sessions before and during the conference.

For more details, check the UN4MUN page.

Functional Excellence

An ardent Secretariat, a tireless Executive Board and a diligent organizing committee, all are tailored to cater to the needs of new and experienced delegates alike by providing them the very best of experiences with us.

A Forum for Fundamental Deliberation

This year, Shishukunj MUN features 9 diverse committees, each with an intriguing and unique agenda of its own, to give delegates worthwhile and experience. Shishukunj MUN strives to foster the principles behind MUNs and promises an excellent forum for open dialogue and discussion of ideas. We aim to give delegates an environment where they can question and potentially reform the very fundamentals of our world.

Shishukunj MUN: Evolve – a Pioneering Initiative

Shishukunj MUN wishes to give its guests the very best of experiences. For the 4th iteration, we add another special feature to our conference – Shishukunj MUN: Evolve. Entitled executives and personalities of different fields will each be conversing with delegates of the committees in which they specialize. Our esteemed guests include personalities ranging from economists to government executives who will be engaging in one-to-one conversation with the delegates and will be offering their opinions over the resolutions formed.

For more details, check the Evolve page.