Shishukunj MUN builds upon the legacy of getting better each year; we aim to provide more stimulating and enriching experiences as we progress towards the creation of a vast forum for expression. Keeping this in mind, this year we bring to you an innovation in learning and problem resolution - Shishukunj MUN Evolve.

Shishukunj MUN Evolve is a unique initiative created to help stimulate pragmatism, logical thinking and understanding within the delegates through interaction and cooperation. Not only does it represent key aspects of the UN4MUN procedures, but it also effectively exemplifies the objectives of our entire conference: to provide a wholesome conference experience and inspire creative, comprehensive and implementable solutions for global crises to the leaders of tomorrow.

Under this system, the Shishukunj MUN team will invite experts for all agendas pertaining to non-crisis committees. These experts will provide useful and practical insights into the realities of the agenda matter and guide the delegates towards the lesser known peculiarities of the agenda. These experts will be actively participating in and providing inputs during the initial resolution compilation periods. Delegates will receive the chance to adopt these changes during plenary sessions through amendments. These experts will not only enrich the experience of individual committees but will communicate with and reach out to participants through various means during the entirety of the conference. Created to augment the overall substance and uniqueness of the conference, Evolve is sculpted to make Shishukunj MUN 2018 an unprecedented and inspiring experience for all its attendees.

Objectives of Shishukunj MUN Evolve

A Constructive Initiative

Evolve is designed to ensure that the delegates develop productive and practical solutions which can be executed in the real world. Since the delegates will be conversing with experts in the fields of committee agendas, they will be receiving direct feedback over the feasibility of their resolutions and will be made to understand the borders between creativity and realism.

A Platform to Help Bring About Change

Through Evolve, the delegates’ resolutions will be explained to experts in different fields who will be interacting with delegates. Experts might even consider helping in the real-world implementation of the solutions and ideas of the delegates, hence allowing delegates to directly be involved in bringing about change.

An Effort Towards Communication and Improved Social Connections

Renowned personalities from multifarious fields will be interacting with and enlightening the delegates with their years of experience and knowledge. Not only is this a great exposure for the delegates, but it is also a step towards establishing greater communication between the youth and the change-makers.

A Unique Project

Shishukunj MUN aims at providing the very best of experiences to its attendees and believes that positive and substantial interaction is the key to a successful conference. It is our belief that Evolve is an exceptional initiative designed whilst keeping in mind the best interests of the delegates, and we sincerely hope that it will add on to the overall conference experience.