General Assembly Affairs

Letter from the Under-Secretary-General

USG: General Assembly Affairs Greetings and salutations!
My name is Ishaan Nyati and I will be serving as the Under-Secretary-General: General Assembly Affairs for the fourth iteration of the Shishukunj MUN 2018.

The General Assembly is the largest body of the United Nations and the epitome of global representation. It has six committees with a mandate to discuss and take decisions on both overarching and specific topics from all spheres of human interaction. The General Assembly is, therefore the forum where all countries from all around the globe come together to work on global benefit and development.

The UN General Assembly is mandated to recommend and direct major operations of the United Nations. It makes recommendations to all problems and issues which come to its notice, except those which are being taken care of by the UN Security Council. These recommendations are effectively backed by the governments of almost all countries of the world and are, therefore, defining parameters for activities around the globe.

This year, I am happy to introduce to you the three General Assembly Committees which are a part of Shishukunj MUN 2018. Allocated with intriguing agendas and led by industrious bureaux, these committees are sure to bring out the diplomat in all of you. With issues ranging from private military interventions to international economic strengthening, these diverse committees will ensure global, sustainable advancements towards ecology, economy, and equity.

Here’s to hoping you have a great experience preparing and a better one at the conference.

Ishaan Nyati
USG: General Assembly Affairs