Specialized Agencies

Letter from the Under-Secretary-General

USG: Specialized Agencies Greetings!
I am Maansi Goyal, and it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to Shishukunj MUN 2018 as the Under-Secretary-General for the Specialised Agencies.

Any committee which does not come under the mandate of United Nations General Assembly and the ECOSOC is a specialized agency. A specialized agency can be of any type, an international body, a country’s cabinet, or any other organisation or political institution. The main purpose of these committees, like of any other committee, is to discuss the problem at hand and come up with viable solutions. However, they are “special” because not only do they test your speaking skills and knowledge, but they also polish your creativity in shaping the future or recreating the past. Moreover, when these specialised agencies are characterized by continuous crises, they become even more exciting and dynamic.

This year we have 3 specialized committees – two continuous crisis committees and the Security Council. These committees will challenge your problem solving skills, patience, imagination, tolerance, and negotiation & collaboration skills. Extensive agendas ranging from the Argentinian crisis to the Venezuelan crisis, which consider various ecological, economic and equitable factors, will surely keep you on your toes.

With an unflagging crisis staff and our enthusiastic Bureau members, I am sure you will have an unparalleled experience at the fourth iteration of the Shishukunj MUN! I look forward to meeting you this October!

Best regards
Maansi Goyal
USG: Specialized Agencies